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Genealogy is much more than just a list of names and dates.
Scottish Family History Researcher.
Scottish Family History Researcher
Baseline Research’s approach is to put the people and places in family trees into the context of the places and times they lived in.

Our approach as a Scottish Family History Researcher is to first build a timeline of events (births, deaths, marriages, occupations etc.  From this, a graphical Family Tree can be compiled.

Finally, an extensive report is compiled, bringing together a cohesive and contextual story that shows who what where and when.

Most of our genealogical work is carried out for clients who are seeking information on the lives and times of their ancestors and as such the information is personal to them.

A ‘Letter of Agreement’ is always agreed with the client as to the approach to be taken, the timescale and the costs.

Timescales vary depending on the complexity of the enquiry and access to the relevant archival information.

Costs too vary in the same way although we are always keen to work closely with the client to ensure that they receive value for money.

Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives
Scottish Family History Researcher - Ian Leith

Our clients come from far and wide. In terms of family research, Scottish people travelled and settled in most places across the world, so enquiries can originate anywhere.

One of the main reasons clients look for support is their distance from and the relative inaccessibility of the necessary resources.

By engaging with Baseline Research, clients from across the world have a better chance of getting to the real stories. Some clients are surprised at what emerges. Stories such as murders, illegitimacies and involvement in historical events.

As a member of ASGRA (Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) Baseline’s leading Scottish Genealogists and researcher, Ian Leith has completed an approved set of skills that ensures a standard of work.

ASGRA is also a key route for potential clients to access Ian and Baseline Research.

Curious about your Scottish ancestry? No time to research? Hit a dead end?

Then contact us and let our Scottish Genealogist, Ian Leith, a Scottish Genealogist based in the Scottish highlands help you unlock your family history.  Whether you are based in Scotland, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, we can help trace your ancestry.