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Ian Leith - Historical researcher and writer in Scotland
A passion for…
Bringing events, stories and people to a more prominent place.

Baseline Research is led by Ian Leith, a North of Scotland based researcher and writer.  A native of Caithness, he has been involved with the history and heritage of the area for many years. As well as being a Trustee of various heritage organisations and the writer of books and articles.

As a qualified Librarian, Ian has gained the many skills required in terms of finding and organising information. Following this Ian worked as a professional researcher in a number of corporate and community projects. Ian worked for and later subcontracted with the Aberdeen-based research and development company BusinessLab.


The Man Who Went To Farr

While some of his working life has been in the corporate world, Ian has always continued an  interest in and been involved in researching the history of the North of Scotland, in particular.

This has ultimately led to the writing and publishing of various articles and specifically the books The Man Who Went To Farr and Caithness to Patagonia.

Caithness to Patagonia by Ian Leith

The North of Scotland abounds with history, not always well known to wider audiences and Ian continues to bring these events, stories and people to a more prominent place.

While history abounds with stories and legends, the facts of history remain paramount. Baseline Research is named for its belief that establishing the root causes and context is vital in terms of true authenticity.

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