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Historical Research and Writing

Documenting historical findings, so that the next generation can remember
Through structured reaseach and measured reflection we adapt to the present to anticipate the future.

Historical Research and writing investigations help problem-solving. Extracting knowledge from one area enables decision-making in another.

Embracing change and moving forward relies on an understanding of the past. Events and actions from our history have shaped our present and can greatly influence our future.

Organisational, community and family histories offer a timeline that highlights the key points in our history and the roots of our culture. Baseline Research creates a concise and annotated timeline that pinpoints the key historical events in an organisation’s, community’s or family’s history and documents the historical findings so that the next generation can remember.


Historical Research and writing investigations
Discovering more about the land and people their ancestors came from.

Many of Baseline’s clients are resident in other parts of the world, e.g Canada, Australia etc., who are interested in discovering more about the land and people their ancestors came from. Being based in Scotland, Baseline is perfectly placed to access the appropriate local and national sources.

Increasingly many documents and indexes are available on line and this enables at least some research to be conducted from our base in Caithness. However, many national and family archives are scattered throughout the country making it necessary to travel. The ability to do at least some work online helps in keeping our client costs down.

Baseline Research has the capacity to work in different research fields. While the over arching aspects will regularly have a historical basis, we have experience in working in both the corporate and social landscapes.

This is an extraordinary and little-known story of emigration fromScotland. Caithness and Patagonia are literally a world apart, yet in the late19th and early 20th centuries a number of Caithness men and women took on thechallenge of this wild, open and windswept land.
We gather information through:
  • Document interrogation
  • Interviews
  • Forums
We have the capacity to carry out:
  • Data collection
  • Data collation
  • Data analysis

Bring your organisation, community or family histroy past to life through Historical Reaseach and Writing from Baseline Reaseach.

If you would like to discuss a potential research project, please contact us