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Look, listen, participate and reflect with School and adult talks and workshops
learning history though-workshops
Learning History through Workshops and Talks
Providing innovative, challenging, exciting and fun activities using an interdisciplinary approach with School and adult talks and workshops.

Learning history through workshops and talks with Ian Leith, a passionate believer in sharing the history of the past to educate the next generation.

While the written word is often a preferred approach for individual histories and to ensure the widest audience, taking the stories and the histories directly to an audience offers direct contact with interested people.

To this end, a number of talks and workshops for adults and children have been developed and delivered, linked to researched and written histories.

Learning History through Workshops and Talks
Our Workshops and Talks
The Man Who Went To Farr

Man Who Went to Farr

The Man Who Went to Farr is an interactive workshop presenting the re-trial of Patrick Sellar. It is nearly 200 years since Patrick Sellar stood accused of culpable homicide for his part in the Highland Clearances. Yet his name continues to reverberate around the Highlands. This workshop pulls together some of the substantial and circumstantial evidence.

The audience is provided with the evidence presented at the trial and some potential evidence that was not presented. This is available for both adult and young people sessions.  Providing a better understanding the history through direct involvement with the facts.

Culminating in having to act as a jury in weighing up the evidence to reach a decision.

Caithness to Patagonia by Ian Leith

Caithness to Patagonia

Caithness to Patagonia has led to several illustrated talks to a range of audiences. History/heritage groups are interested in the times of these pioneers.

Family History groups are interested as there is much detail about the families involved and family emigration is always of interest to these groups. Patagonia is something of an unknown and people are interested to see and hear about the place and its conditions.

Learning history through workshops and talks is a portal to the past. With this in mind, we currently have plans to produce a multi-media presentation featuring original and traditional music from both Scotland and Patagonia along with visual and spoken commentaries.

Scottish Family History Researcher.

How to Research your Family History

Baseline Research has built considerable experience in the approach to researching family histories and as this is a subject that many people wish to try for themselves.

We offer introductory workshops on the approaches, and resources that can help. These can be tailored to suit basic introductions to the subject or form a series of workshops exploring the resources and approaches in greater depth and detail.

You will learn research skills working with experienced researchers to explore the various information sources and resources that can build knowledge and understanding of genealogy and ancestry.

Grannies and other Folk: folk tales with a Caithness Twist, by Ian Leith

Story telling for Adults and Children

As a one time Children’s Librarian, Ian Leith is often called upon to take part in storytelling sessions, for both adults as well as children.

He worked with Canisbay School in Caithness to produce two publications ‘Grannies and Other Folk and more recently along with other writers Finn and Friends. These and other traditional stories for the basis of storytelling sessions run in schools and at community events. Workshops and talks include:

History in the Classroom – an interactive workshop for schools, based on historical events. Learners will explore the attitudes, motives and decisions that led to historical events, enabling the building of knowledge and understanding about our heritage and culture.

Storytelling and Science – an interactive workshop for schools designed to engage and inspire the next generation of scientists and storytellers. Baseline storytellers have joined forced with scientists to explore the science concepts contained within stories.

Storytelling – pitched at the appropriate age group in terms of knowledge and understanding. Using stories and techniques that will engage in terms of both listening and interaction.

Learning history through workshops and talks is a portal to the past.

If you would like to participate in any of our workshops above or have another history workshop you would like us to organise please contact us.

We are a strong believer in Learning history through workshops and talks to promote the learning of young people adults and children alike.